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WFB | We’re Approaching ‘Panic Mode’ for the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Lachlan Markay, Fox News via the Washington Free Beacon:

On Fox Business, Markay told host Neil Cavuto that victories for Sanders in those two states would go a long way to erasing Clinton’s electability argument.

“We’re approaching panic mode for the Clinton campaign right now, because the entire argument for her candidacy so far has been basically her inevitability as a result of her wide name recognition and this tremendous political machine that she has behind her,” Markay said. “So Sanders picks up the first two states. All of a sudden, he looks like a very viable candidate, and I think most rank-and-file Democrats agree with him more on the issues than they do with Hillary Clinton.”

Clinton needs to “rebound in a big way,” Markay said, or Sanders’ momentum could carry him to getting more donor cash.

Watch the video.

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