Will Rahn | Face It: It’s a Two-Man Race for the GOP Nomination Now

Will Rahn, The Daily Beast:

We’ve entered, it seems to me, a two-man race for the GOP nomination. There is Trump, there is Cruz, and then there’s a bunch of guys who just won’t win.

Let’s talk about those other guys, the four Republican establishment hopefuls: Jeb, Marco, John Kasich, and Chris Christie. Actually, it’s probably a little misleading to even pretend that there are four Republican establishment hopefuls. Kasich has barely made an impression and is despised by much of the conservative activist class who see him as a smug crypto-liberal. Jeb has spent many, many millions and it’s done nothing but make him more and more unpopular. And the fact that we’re even talking about the scandal-plagued, squishy, and deeply unpopular governor of New Jersey just highlights how profoundly weak this field turned out to be when faced with Trump.

This is all to say that if you’re a Republican who doesn’t like Trump or Cruz you have one real option left, and that’s Rubio.

Rubio is, at least in a traditional sense, the best politician in the whole bunch. He’s the most articulate, which he showed again at the debate on Thursday, another in a series of strong performances. He knows policy, and how to talk about it. He’s young and attractive.


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