Annie Lowry | Clinton’s wife is a "revolutionary candidate" or something

Annie Lowry, New York Magazine:

I asked Mary Ann why she was supporting Clinton rather than Bernie Sanders, and she started talking about her personal admiration for the former secretary of State and the competence that Clinton exudes. “I like Bernie Sanders,” she said. “But I look at what she has gotten done.” And we talked for a while about the power of seeing a woman so close, again, to becoming president. “That’s an amazing thing,” Mary Ann said.

Her vision of Hillary Clinton was that of Hillary Clinton: Revolutionary. It was a vision of a talented woman finally succeeding where none before had been able to, overcoming a lifetime of obstacles to take a job she deserves. It was a vision that Clinton promoted all weekend. But it was one that got horribly and unnecessarily twisted up in generational and gender politics, courtesy of Clinton’s surrogates.


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