Deroy Murdock | Ex-Spies Say That Clinton’s Illegal Server Triggered Widespread Devastation

Deroy Murdock, National Review:

This source uses an analogy from American industry to put Clinton’s misdeeds into everyday language.

“Imagine that you work at Pepsi, your 401K is tied to the performance of the company, and that performance is inextricably linked to the secret ingredient for Pepsi,” this intelligence specialist explains. “How would you feel if one of your superiors were just casual with that most sensitive of information? I think it would upset you. Now, for intel, multiply that by at least ten. We can have arguments over whether confidential material is unnecessarily classified; we generally don’t in mishandling cases, but I’d potentially be open to it. But with SAP, no way. This is so grossly negligent that either it is false or Hillary Clinton doesn’t care.”

Meanwhile, a veteran who worked in military intelligence for more than 25 years thinks that this first source may be too optimistic.

“As for damage done, my suspicion is that it is much worse than it looks,” he says, also anonymously.

“We need to consider that everything that was on that server has been compromised. There isn’t an intelligence service out there that isn’t interested in the actions of our senior people,” he continues. “Outside the president, the two most important targets for collection are SecDef and SecState. And that means everyone. Russia and China, certainly. Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Israel — I would guess — would all be interested as well. Very interested.”


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