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Gov. Sarah Palin: Dog Tag Art Honors Our Fallen Troops


Most beautiful and honorable display of fallen troops’ dog tags. God bless their souls. Thank you for sharing this, American Legion 43, Hollywood, CA.

In honor of all our vets and active duty troops, if you have dog tags please share a picture! And remember: if you love your freedom, thank a vet ??
Info found on the art:

"The Seattle Art Museum displayed this 2001 piece. "Titled ‘Some/One,’ the art piece, created by contemporary Korean artist Do-Ho Suh, asks the viewer to both understand and appreciate how a solider has his own identity yet is part of a larger troop or military body. The ghost-like suit of armor also has a reflective mirror body which asks the viewer to think about what this piece means to them."

Sarah Palin










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