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Joan Vennochi | Gaunt and cranky Bill Clinton not doing his wife any favors

Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe:

He might not be the only Clinton to feel that way. A gaunt, vegan, and cranky Bill is a problem for Hillary. Separating him from the campaign trail is a good idea.

For one thing, it’s hard to look at the two of them and start thinking about tomorrow.

Bill Clinton is a huge reminder of yesterday and the centrist policies Bernie Sanders is running against. And while Hillary Clinton benefits from the narrative of a good economy during her husband’s two terms, she also has to answer for the compromises Sanders abhors. It’s a sign of just how much the political landscape has shifted since the Clinton years, when ultraliberalism was an albatross for Democrats.

Older voters, meanwhile, remember the good Clinton times, but also the scandalous. Younger voters have no memory of past disgraces, but also no recollection of Clinton high points. All they see now is an ex-president who might be trying to help his wife, if he only he would stop undermining her.


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