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John Kass | Political establishments getting kicked where it hurts

John Kass, Chicago Tribune:

The middle-aged are tired of being afraid for their jobs, or working part-time jobs, and they’re angry. And the young, raised to expect the world, don’t see much of a future.

Bernie Sanders promises a revolution. Trump and Cruz promise battle. They’re the ones with the energy. They’re the ones telling voters they’ll put the boots to the status quo. And the others? They’re just holding on.

If a fish rots from the head, then political parties rot from the center. They rot from the gut. You can see the head of a fish, see what’s wrong with it, notice the eyes, how it smells. With political parties, though, the heads are always hidden. The guts don’t rumble until it’s too late.

So far in 2016, all the voter anger and insurgency and passion seems to be a surprise to the insiders, and to the salons of common wisdom along the Beltway. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s been building for years.


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