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Maggie Haberman | Christie: Trump may not keep paying for his campaign

Maggie Haberman, New York Times:

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey told his finance team late Friday that he anticipates that Donald J. Trump, who often boasts that he is funding his own campaign, will begin to solicit campaign contributions as the race heads into a general election if Mr. Trump becomes the nominee.

In a conference call hours after Mr. Christie endorsed Mr. Trump, his onetime rival, the governor was asked about what could be done to help Mr. Trump, who says he is a billionaire many times over.

Mr. Christie replied that Mr. Trump, who has won three of the four first nominating contests, is currently self-funding.

But, he added, “I sense that once we get to a general election campaign, that his posture may become different” given the scope and demands of a national campaign, and “how well-funded Hillary Clinton will be on the other side.”


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