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Paul Demko | Who’s advising Trump on health care?

Paul Demko, Politico:

Donald Trump has a plan to make America’s health care great again.

It’s very simple, he says: Lock the best health care policy minds in a room – and don’t let them out until they’ve crafted a plan for providing terrific coverage for everyone.

But the strategy, laid out in Trump’s most recent book, begs the question: Who exactly would be locked in that room? And who is advising him on ideas which are as unorthodox for a GOP frontrunner as his candidacy?

Trump has repeatedly said everyone should have access to health care — going so far as to say he supports “the mandate” in a town hall meeting in South Carolina Thursday night (although he walked that back on Twitter, saying he was referring to the rule that insurers must cover people with pre-existing illnesses). He also says government should pick up the tab for the poor so no one is “dying on the streets” — a stance seemingly far to the left of the rest of the Republican presidential field.

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