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Ralph Nader | Bloomberg for president!

Ralph Nader, Washington Post:

The restless, ambitious, supremely self-confident former three-term mayor of the nation’s largest city has been more than just thinking about becoming president for a decade. He’s done the surveys and solicited the advice of historians and political analysts about his chances. He’ll only run if he thinks he can win.

So what does he bring to a campaign? His mayoral reign steeped him in urban issues and needs, which he has long believed are not given even minimal coverage in presidential campaigns. His contacts with the urban political scene in many cities is unmatched. He can forge an immediate network of movers and shakers in the business, philanthropic, and political arenas. As a protector of Wall Street and a law-and-order mayor who backed police and their stop-and-frisk practices, he reassures the nervous plutocracy and oligarchy, who fear loss of their usual control over elections.


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