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Stephen Dinan | Obama’s presidency now effectively over

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times:

In the past week he has delivered a major speech to fellow Democrats, announced a new retirement savings plan and computer science initiative — heck, he has even vowed a billion-dollar push to cure cancer. But President Obama just can’t catch a break.

Welcome to the end of the Obama presidency, when the most powerful man on earth is now a sideshow for the performers in the Republican and Democratic primaries, which began in earnest Monday with Iowa’s caucuses.

With the primary schedule now in full swing and voting this month in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, Congress, the press and the public at large have turned their attention to Mr. Obama’s successor, leaving him grasping for attention.

His period of relevance is ending earlier than previous presidents, and analysts said it’s partly because of the surge of attention to Sen. Bernard Sanders, the upstart candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, who is running to the left of the incumbent.

“What’s happened is he’s become more irrelevant faster than he should have. The conversation is no longer whether we should have a third term of Obama; it’s about his deficiencies. Sanders has effectively made this a conversation about his deficiencies,” said Michael McKenna, a Republican strategist.


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