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Breitbart | ‘Clinton Cash’ Is Required Reading for FBI Agents Investigating Hillary Clinton’s Server

via Breitbart:


Clinton Cash (200x200)‘Clinton Cash’ Is Required Reading for FBI Agents Investigating Hillary Clinton’s Server

by Jerome Hudson | March 17, 2016

During a panel discussion hosted by Judicial Watch, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Colombia Joseph diGenova said reading Clinton Cash is the first thing FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton’s private email server are told to do.

“And the fact that FBI agents are now assigned, the first thing they are told is read Clinton Cash. The Book, and then come and start your investigation,” diGenova said.

“When Mrs. Clinton ordered the deletion of over 30,000 emails, that was a crime,” diGenova said. “She stole government property. Nobody knows what’s in those emails. She considered them personal. Guess What? She considered the Clinton Foundation personal.” (Read More)


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