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CNS | Tony Perkins: Obama Has Systematically Targeted the Christian Faith

via CNS News:


by Michael W. Chapman

In a discussion with a caller disappointed with her pastor, who apparently is a strong supporter of President Barack Obama, radio host and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins suggested that the caller prayerfully consider changing churches, and added that the Obama administration has “systematically targeted the Christian faith for quarantining” inside churches, out of the public square.

On his March 9 program, Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, the caller, Theresa, explained that her preacher “thinks Obama is the greatest” and will not listen to other opinions about the president.

Perkins said, “Theresa, it sounds like you need to be praying about changing churches and finding another church. I would be very concerned after seven years of this administration that has systematically targeted the Christian faith for quarantining that faith within the walls of our churches.”

“There is no question about the intentions of this administration,” he said.  “Look, this administration has been pushing abortion on demand, elective abortions, funded by taxpayers.”

Perkins continued, “They have systematically taken away religious freedom from members of the military. The president facilitated the redefinition of God’s institution of marriage.”

“What more in Heaven and what more evidence is necessary that this president is not in alignment with Biblical truth and even historical truth?” said Perkins.  “So, I think it’s time for a new church, myself,  Theresa.” (Read More)


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