Craig Shirley | Nancy and Ronald Reagan: One of the Great Love Stories

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by Craig Shirley | March 8, 2016

She used to dream of him, in all seasons, in all manner of things. Now Nancy Reagan is together again with her Ronnie, forever in eternity.

Their marriage is one of the great love stories in the history of the White House. We’ve had presidents and First Ladies who were in love, weren’t in love, who were indifferent to each other, and some presidents who couldn’t keep their marriage vows.

It was said that if Reagan wanted to be a shoe salesman, she would have made sure he was the best shoe salesman in the world. It just so happened Reagan wanted to be a national political and world leader, so she did her best to make sure he was the best.

And, at the last, during the Alzheimer years. For those ten years, she was there all the time, rarely leaving his side, almost never leaving California and then only to inspect a new statue of Ronnie or accept a new award on his behalf. Keeping his legacy alive was very important to Mrs. Reagan and to the American people.

She sacrificed herself for him, eating rarely, not getting enough sleep, thinking of him, praying for him. She could have had him put in an hospice but it never crossed her mind. She was going to care for him, be near him, a part and parcel of a “long goodbye.”

Nancy was there in the beginning, even before the beginning. They both said their lives began when they met each other. No one ever doubted it. No one ever doubted their undying devotion to each other. (Read More)


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