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Daily Caller | Students And Professors Are FREAKING OUT Because Trump Is Speaking On Their Chicago Campus

via The Daily Caller:


Upset studentStudents And Professors Are FREAKING OUT Because Trump Is Speaking On Their Chicago Campus

by Eric Owens | March 10, 2016

Students and professors at the University of Illinois at Chicago are freaking out because Donald Trump is scheduled to appear on Friday evening on campus at the UIC Pavilion.

A petition demanding that officials at the taxpayer-funded school cancel the Trump campaign event has accumulated nearly 50,000 signatures.

Almost 10,000 Facebook users have pledged to show up to protest Trump’s Chicago rally.

The plan is to meet on a quad on University of Illinois at Chicago campus and then march over to the UIC Pavilion, a 9,500-seat multipurpose arena.

“The safety of everyone either at the rally or part of our efforts is our top priority,” the Facebook statement assures.

Officials at UIC have said the Trump rally will go on as scheduled.

“It has been our standard practice for decades to rent available space on campus to any political candidate when requested,” UIC chancellor Michael Amiridis explained in a statement sent to students this weekend. “As a result, we have a long history of campaign events on campus, and no legal basis to exclude any candidate because of the views he or she expresses.”

Amiridis also noted that extra security will surely be in place. Presumably, that means a strong presence by both campus cops and Chicago police officers. (Read More)


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