David Bossie | #NeverTrump Equals #AlwaysHillary

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David Bossie (200x200)Bossie: #NeverTrump Equals #AlwaysHillary

by David Bossie | March 14, 2016

As the primary season progresses, a great many members of the Republican establishment are becoming overly emotional.

They’re angry and frustrated that their well-funded Washington-backed candidates didn’t amount to much this time around. Anti-establishment outsiders Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz are dominating the popular vote and the delegate count.

The establishment must face the facts: a change agent is going to be the Republican nominee for president.

In 2008 and 2012 when establishment picks Sen. John McCain and Mitt Romney prevailed in the primary process, grassroots conservatives were told to fall in line and we did. We didn’t start #NeverMcCain or #NeverRomney campaigns, although we had every right to when you consider things like Romneycare and McCain-Feingold.

Last week RNC Chairman Priebus was absolutely right when he said: “I want to get something really clear, because there’s been a lot of talk about this. This party is going to support the nominee, whoever that is, 100 percent. There’s no question about that… can you agree with me without question that any one of these four gentlemen would be a world better than Hillary Clinton?”

Chairman Priebus, of course, was talking directly to the counterproductive Never Trumpers. It appears that Priebus has considered the wisdom of #NeverTrump and soundly rejected it for obvious reasons. Do the establishment sore losers pushing this movement have any idea what they are doing?

Here are the potential outcomes of #NeverTrump from my perspective, all of which are horrible for Republicans. (Read More)

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