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Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 – 2015)

03-18-16_Donald_Trump_Long_Road_to_the_White_House (1987)


via Chris Emerson:

I know a lot of other videos out there have some of these clips in them (some far more artfully done by the way! ) … but I wanted one with ALL of them spliced together chronologically because I think the story they tell is really fascinating and inspiring. Whatever you choose to believe or not on what the media reports about him in 2016, weigh that against Mr. Trump’s own words from interviews going back 30+ years.
* 1980 Rona Barrett Interview
* 1987 Oprah Interview
* 1988 GOP Convention
* 1989 Interview
* 1991 C-Span Interview
* 1999 Press Interview
* 2004 CNN Interview
* 2007 Larry King Live
* 2011 Steve Forbes Interview
* 2012 CNN Comments on Romney
* 2012 CNBC Interview on Economy
* 2014 Speaking at CPAC
* 2015 Press Event






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