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Julian Hattem | Judicial Watch: We’ll get all the emails

Julian Hattem, The Hill:

All of the roughly 30,000 personal emails Hillary Clinton claimed to have deleted from her private email server will eventually be reviewed by the government — and many will be made public, according to a top legal adversary of Clinton.

“They’re all going to get reviewed eventually, despite Mrs. Clinton’s resistance,” Tom Fitton, the head of the conservative legal watchdog organization Judicial Watch, said in an interview with The Hill.

Clinton has said she “chose not to keep” roughly half of her server’s email cache because the 30,000 personal emails contained information about “yoga routines,” “family vacations” and “condolence notes.”

The rest of the emails — approximately 55,000 pages worth of allegedly work-related documents from her time as secretary of State — were handed back to the State Department for recordkeeping. Redacted versions of those messages have been released to the public in batches on a regular basis since last May.

Clinton and her aides decided which of the emails were personal and which were work-related, to the frustration of many political critics and transparency advocates.


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