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VIDEO: #LyinTED Refuses To Disavow The Cuban Mistress Crisis

LyinTED was given the opportunity to disavow the alleged "Cuban Mistress Crisis". He didn’t take it. Instead, the sneaky liar lawyer, attacked Donald Trump (again), Ted Cruz (again) used precise words that don’t really mean anything. Ted Cruz does this all the time. The simple question, asked by the reporter was: "…definitively, on the record, will you tell us you have never been unfaithful to your wife?". Ted Cruz refused to answer the question. Cruz said words, that fill up time and space, but he didn’t answer the question or disavow the allegations. He attacked Donald J. TRUMP. Again.

Doesn’t it seem like every time LyinTED steps in it, his response is the same? Every single time LyinTED is confronted with ANYTHING, his response is: TRUMP (fill in the blank) did this, TRUMP (fill in the blank) did that, TRUMP (fill in the blank) said this.

Ted Cruz needs to GOOGLE "deflecting".

Check out LyinTED and his henchwoman Carly Fiorina in this video. Ted Cruz outsources the simple question to Carly. They both seem really nervous:

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