Sarah Palin: Donald Trump’s touch of humanity shines


Donald Trump’s touch of humanity shines without the media filters that would portray him as disconnected from the people. See this candid interaction in Wisconsin yesterday:…/you-saved-me-trumps-emotional-m…

The beauty of Trump’s frontrunner campaign, besides exposing politicians’ undeniable allegiance to special interest donors instead of voters, is the rise of the worthy "outsider" candidate who genuinely cares… never has to fake it… never needs to contort persona or responses according to the audience… refreshingly speaks and acts as the antithesis between We the People and today’s typical politician… and is running for the most selfless reasons.

Trump’s undervalued interpersonal touch is appreciated by we who understand the status quo political establishment that thrives in their beltway bubble will continue to disappoint Americans. We’ll continue to be ignored when we demand a balanced budget, a prioritized military, secure borders, trade that creates U.S. jobs, and an end to crony capitalism in OUR government. We’ve provided today’s politicians EVERY OPPORTUNITY to tackle each of those issues, and even wielding all the power in the majority, they’ve blown it. It’s time for something different – and better – in order to enjoy a different – and better – result.

America, it’s time for something better – in order to survive.

Sarah Palin


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‘You Saved Me’: Trump’s Emotional Moment with Fmr Miss Wisconsin Who Has Terminal Illness [VIDEO]

A Donald Trump supporter who claimed to be Miss Wisconsin 2005 thanked the GOP front-runner in an emotional moment at a Tuesday rally for his help as she struggles with an incurable disease. (Read More)


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