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Hello Again, Reagan Democrats

by Sierra Rayne | March 11, 2016

Starting soon after President Barack Obama’s first general election victory in 2008, the American conservative media establishment, some think tanks and various organizations, and a number of GOP politicians began in earnest to construct an elegant narrative.

The story was that the nation was in great peril, and the solution was to buy into what the Founders had intended. It was time to get back to “constitutional conservatism,” elect “principled conservatives,” and live the grand movie exemplifying these beliefs.

It all failed, because it was a superficial sales job that the vast majority of voters saw through — once they pulled back the curtain and glimpsed who was controlling the machine, much as in The Wizard of Oz.

Dream all you want about the Founders, and a beautiful dream it is whose time will hopefully come again.

Now try and fit that dream into a conservative establishment policy framework that includes globalization and unbalanced trade, mass immigration (most of it illegal), capitulation to — and tolerance of, nay, perhaps even encouragement of in certain quarters — the increasing Islamification of the homeland, the hyperpolarized involvement in geopolitics (especially in the Middle East with the Israel question), and the general corporatization of America. That dog won’t hunt.

Something had to give, and increasingly over the past several years it was becoming obvious to many what would work instead: a return to a more nationalistic view of governance. Take care of our own first, and only.

Had the elegant narrative been working, Donald Trump would not be far out in front at this point in the Republican primary process. Actually, he wouldn’t even be in the race. (Read Much More)


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