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Washington Examiner | Sessions: Trump will grow GOP by opposing free trade

via the Washington Examiner:


Jeff Sessions (200x200)Sessions: Trump will grow GOP by opposing free trade

by Curt Mills | March 12, 2016

Sen. Jeff Sessions said Saturday that Donald Trump will grow the Republican brand as the party’s nominee and as president through his opposition to free trade deals.

Trump "stood alone in his consistent opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and foreign currency manipulation; the TPP will hammer the automobile industry in Ohio and American workers nationwide," Sessions said in a campaign email.

"This determination to protect American workers from reckless trade and immigration policies will grow the Republican party and position us to win in November," the Alabama Republican said.

"Now is the time for the GOP to embrace this opportunity to win working Americans on a platform of rising wages, American jobs, and the national interest," Sessions said. (Read More)


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