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Sarah Palin’s Example Saved My Daughter (And Will Restore Our Country, Too)

July 27 2011 - 11:48 PM | By:

My daughter sees Sarah Palin as a role model for what is good about the country, and how one should conduct themselves in the face of adversity.  Sarah Palin’s example provided one of the last threads of attachment, back to reason, back to sanity, and back to adoring parents who love her.

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Governor Palin’s Tea Party Speech Will Take Place on the Three-Year Anniversary of Her RNC Convention Speech

July 27 2011 - 10:24 PM | By:

Palin: As I’ve said many times, including at Pella during my last visit to Iowa: We don’t need a ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. We need a restoration of all that is good and strong and free. The 2012 election will be a great debate between those two conflicting visions for our country.

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More on Governor Palin’s Labor Day Keynote Address in Iowa and You Can Now Purchase Tickets to See The Undefeated in Cincinnati/Open Thread

July 27 2011 - 7:54 PM | By:

Conroy pretty much confirmed what Cindy Adams reported  in the New York Post earlier this month about how the Governor "has retreated to Alaska to immerse herself in policy and to strategize with her husband, Todd, and top advisers about how a potential campaign would work."

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They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #10 Camille Paglia

July 27 2011 - 6:00 PM | By:

"This woman turned out to be a tough, scrappy fighter with a mischievous sense of humor.... The gun-toting Sarah Palin is like Annie Oakley, a brash ambassador from America's pioneer past."

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Scott Conroy: Palin to Keynote Tea Party Rally in Iowa

July 27 2011 - 4:50 PM | By:

In the latest indication that her sights are still set on a presidential run, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has accepted an invitation to keynote a Tea Party rally in Waukee, Iowa.

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Sarah Palin is the Adult In The Room on Debt Drama

July 27 2011 - 3:11 PM | By:

We need someone who understands the gravity of spending other people's hard-earned money and takes the veto pen to paper to cut programs that aren't worthy to be supported.

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Mama Grizzly’s Cubs (Video)

July 27 2011 - 12:14 PM | By:

Meet the Youth.

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Students4Palin: ‘The Undefeated’: It’s not about Sarah Palin

July 27 2011 - 1:41 AM | By:

WE are ‘The Undefeated’

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Governor Palin on Fox Business

July 26 2011 - 11:11 PM | By:

I certainly have the fire in the belly to help this country get back on the right track

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Governor Palin On Greta: It’s The Spending Stupid

July 26 2011 - 10:36 PM | By:

"That's the hypocrisy that I guess is inherent in this politics as usual from these Washington DC  characters, they say one thing as candidates and they get elected and do their little flip flop there"

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More Debt Ceiling Follies Courtesy of the Campaigner-in-Chief; Updated: Obama to Banks: We’re Not Defaulting

July 26 2011 - 8:15 PM | By:

Leading from behind.

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Celebrating Citizen Palin’s Two-Year Anniversary

July 26 2011 - 7:21 PM | By:

Plain ole’ private citizen Sarah Palin has been quite the victor.

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So, Sarah Palin Is Stringing Us All Along For Cash? Funny! Let’s Show ‘Em the Meaning of Cash, Shall We?

July 26 2011 - 4:00 PM | By:

Let's give 'em something to troll about.

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Governor Palin Talks to Greta Van Susteren Tonight About the Debt Ceiling

July 26 2011 - 3:59 PM | By:

Debt ceiling

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Gallup Shows Governor Palin’s Favorable Rating Among GOP/GOP-Leaning Indies to Be Back Over 70%

July 26 2011 - 1:47 PM | By:

The Governor is also now tied with Michele Bachmann on Gallup's "intensity index" measure because Bachmann's negatives are unsurprisingly rising as more Republican and Republican-leaning indies get to know her.  Gallup's "intensity index" measure favors candidates who are less well-known, so it's good news for the Governor that she's tied with Mitt "peacetime" Romney and Michele Bachmann on the measure even though she's the most well-known candidate.

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Can Sarah Palin shake up the GOP?

July 26 2011 - 12:55 PM | By:

Looking over their shoulders.

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The Power of Multiple Witnesses in The Undefeated

July 26 2011 - 11:38 AM | By:

What is noteworthy about The Undefeated and its audience, is the use of not just multiple witnesses to tell the story of Sarah Palin, but taking it to the next level, and using the power of multiple witnesses to advertise the movie itself.

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The Extremism of Roger Cohen

July 26 2011 - 9:24 AM | By:

In their minds, the ends justify the means and if that involves blaming innocent people for playing a role in the deaths of other innocent people, well then so be it.

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They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #11 Donna Brazile

July 25 2011 - 11:04 PM | By:

"She's tenacious, self-assured, focused and extremely likely to toss her hat into the ring."

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Washington Times: ‘The Undefeated’ scores success in unexpected (liberal) places

July 25 2011 - 11:01 PM | By:

"If Hollywood hasn’t uttered a collective “wow” by now, it should."

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Here Are the Theaters That Will Show The Undefeated for Its Week 3 Comeback

July 25 2011 - 8:34 PM | By:

Start the Week 3 comeback at the North Woods Stadium 13 in North Charleston, South Carolina; Ritz 15 theater in West Valley City, Utah; AMC Newport on the Levee 20 in Newport, Kentucky; and AMC Lennox in Columbus, Ohio.

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Did the Mainstream Media Forget that the Washington Post Showed Rick Perry Trailing L. Ron Paul Last Week/Open Thread

July 25 2011 - 6:54 PM | By:

The Undefeated will be shown in four new cities this week. The cities are Cincinatti, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, Charleston, South Carolina, and Salt Lake City, Utah. It is important that you find a way to go if you can and bring as many supporters and skeptics as possible to the theaters this week. The media has written the film's obituary but we have the opportunity to write its week 3 comeback.

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The Deficit – Leadership Needed To Tell The People The Truth….

July 25 2011 - 5:46 PM | By:

Boston University’s Professor Laurence Kotlikoff sees the  current situation as a piece of political theatre choreographed to distract the public from the cold stark facts of economic reality.

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The Undefeated Debuts This Weekend in Cincinnati, Columbus, Charleston, South Carolina and Salt Lake City

July 25 2011 - 3:28 PM | By:

FOUR NEW CITIES JULY 29! Charleston, SC; Cincinnati, OH; Columbus, OH; Salt Lake City, UT

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Mitt "Peacetime" Romney’s Support in Florida Collapses As It’s Statistically a Five-Way Tie for First Place in the Sunshine State

July 25 2011 - 12:30 PM | By:

Romney's support has fallen by 42% since April while Governor Palin's support is up 30% since April despite the fact that nearly every Republican and Republican-leaning indy has been misled by the mainstream and so-called conservative media into believing that she will not run for the presidency.

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Last Chance to Take the C4P Reader Survey – Ends Tonight at 10 p.m. ET

July 25 2011 - 11:25 AM | By:

Please help us with site feedback.

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What President Palin Would Not Do

July 25 2011 - 10:00 AM | By:

Because she has executive experience, and because she is not an Ivory Tower radical, President Palin would not do stupid things.

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What Happens When a Film about the Anti "Chicago Politician" Plays in Chicago; Update

July 25 2011 - 2:11 AM | By:

Just as the cinematic story of her achievements came to Illinois, so do her political achievements themselves as well.

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They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #12 Mike Gravel

July 24 2011 - 11:59 PM | By:

"Sarah: if you refuse to sell out––you don’t need to––you have a glorious future ahead of you with your gift of courage, a virtue that permits you to implement all other virtues."

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Massive National Rollout for ‘The Undefeated’ Announced

July 24 2011 - 7:20 PM | By:

Beginning September 1st Video-on-Demand and Pay-Per-View to Make the Film Accessible to Approximately 75 Million Homes.

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