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Dave Stieren Takes His Palin Bashing to an International Audience

Governor Palin took on the establishment and she remains an enemy in their eyes.

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BBC On Palin – Fairer Than Your Average US Media?

Being an Englishman and a political junkie I watch BBC Newsnight regularly. As with the US networks the BBC has an inbuilt left/liberal bias but, although you could never get an Obama/Clinton style love-in for Governor Palin, the recent Newsnight profile of her was reasonably fair.

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BBC’s Jackie Long Talks To Governor Palin / Open Thread

It’s the BBC, it’s what you would expect.

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TRANSCRIPT: BBC’s Jackie Long Interviews Governor Palin, Chuck and Sally Heath

I tell my kids, I encourage everyone I know that whether it be in their workplace, whether it be in a political arena or within their own families, to do what their gut tells them to do. And that involves calling it like they see it and tackling the tasks that are at hand and not worrying so much what other people are thinking or saying about them.


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Governor Palin Interviewed by the BBC

Watch Jackie Long’s interview with Sarah Palin in full on Newsnight on Monday 7 March 2011 at 10.30pm [5:30pm est.] on BBC Two, then afterwards on BBC iPlayer and Newsnight website.

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Shock – BBC Thinks Gov Palin Is Worth Watching…

Naturally the BBC, like many other news organisations, likes to use the end of the year to make predict possible story lines for the forthcoming year.

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Governor Palin’s Tweets