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Obama: My approval’s down because some folks don’t want a black president; Updated: Ed Morrissey and Neil Cavuto weigh in

The post-racial president.

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Mr. L: Sarah Palin Rocks CPAC 2013

"We’re here to rebuild a country".

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Aetna CEO: Obamacare will cause health insurance premiums to double in some markets

It passed, now we’re finding out what’s in it.

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"Occupy Wall Street" Protestors Considered ‘Law Abiding’ by the Nanny of NYC


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Peter Wehner: Yes Jonathan Alter, Obama is Indeed a Failure

Obama makes Carter look pretty good.

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Obama Turns ‘Memorial’ Into Campaign Event, Margaret Carlson Calls Governor Palin Narcissistic

Unveiling his new 2012 campaign slogan and handing out t-shirts at what is supposed to be a memorial to honor those killed and wounded last Saturday may not or may not be narcissistic, but it’s certainly rank political opportunism.

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