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Obama’s IRS targets Breitbart News for an audit; Updated


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Vote for Obama stickers, campaign cheerleading commonplace at IRS offices

Who knew?

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Carney: Of course Obama’s large campaign donors are welcome to join the most ethical administration ever; Updated

Hope and change.

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Feds investigating Chris Christie over his use of Sandy relief funds


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Will unions get an Obamacare tax exemption in the emerging backroom budget deal?


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Lois Lerner has a history of harassing conservatives

At FEC, she targeted religious conservatives.

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Governor Palin: Scandalous Hat Trick

"Most Americans see ominous dark clouds looming beyond the White House Rose Garden, Mr. President."

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Major Scandal in Florida

Chicago moves south?

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The Continuing Chronicles of Corrupt Cronyism

The Washington Examiner‘s indispensable Tim Carney provides another lesson in how Washington really works: Baucus rewards ex-staffers with tax breaks for their clients.

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The Hunger Games: Potomac Edition

Fiction fans know The Hunger Games as a trilogy of novels and a recent movie about a decadent imperial capital that levies tribute on its impoverished provinces. Quite a few people are making the connection between this fictional world and contemporary Washington. The latest is conservative blogger Glenn Reynolds,  who asks in USA Today "Are […]

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Breaking: Jesse Jackson, Jr. To Resign Within the Hour

Can we call him a "quitter?"

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Obama trying to bribe defense contractors into delaying sequestration layoff notices until after the election

Corruption, Chicago style.

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Peter Schweizer Reacts to the STOCK Act Passing in the Senate

"The passage of the STOCK Act in the Senate is just the first battlefield victory in this war for reform."

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Mr. Smith Goes to the Same Old Washington to Throw Them All Out

Mr. Smith went to Washington to make a difference, but the people weren’t ready for the "sudden and relentless reform" he embraced.

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Outing and Throwing Out the Permanent Political Class

What difference does it make whether there’s a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ behind a name, if the game remains the same? After reading this book, I appreciate more what Governor Palin said about changing the entire team, not just the uniform.

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Budget, Leadership, and Character Deficits in Washington D.C.; Updated

Washington D.C. faces a serious deficit spending problem, but that problem will only continue if the issues of leadership and character deficits are not simultaneously addressed.

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Public Employee Unions and ObamaCare

His attempt to take over 1/6 of the U.S. economy under the guise of "health care reform" is more about increasing the membership of the public employee unions like the SEIU than it is about health care. These new union members will then reward the party of government, the Democrats, with their votes ad infinitum.

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