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Uh-oh: GOP candidates still showering money on incompetent beltway consultants


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CPAC: Pat Caddell eviscerates Republican consultants and the GOPe; Update: Video added

The GOP is controlled by the "consultant, lobbyist, and establishment complex."

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Allen West Election, Still Waiting for Overseas and Military Ballots; Update: "New York" Piece Chimes In; Update II: Officials Order Partial Recount, UpdateIII: Elections Board Denies Press Request after Partial Recounting

West Fights for his seat in Florida.  Update, Video Added

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“I AM SARAH PALIN” – An Interview With A Palinista

Who are they, these Palinistas? Some, of course claim to know them.

Palinbots, wingnuts, cultists….the list could go on and on – and that is just from some of the comments critical of Palin and her supporters at Hot Air, a leading conservative internet hang out.

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Shocker: GOP ‘Insiders’ Heart Mittens

What do you get when you put 104 Republican Party hacks in a room and conduct a meaningless straw poll?

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Another Transparent Attempt by Anonymous ‘Republican Insiders’ to Discredit Governor Palin

In the past week, two hit pieces have been written against Governor Palin. The first was the piece by Jonathan Martin that has been thoroughly debunked as "flat out lies" by practically every source he identified by name. This was followed yesterday by a second hit piece in the New York Daily News that, hilariously, […]

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Jay Tea: Sarah’s Sense of Smell

As many are aware, a "controversy" has recently been ginned up in some circles over Governor Palin’s decision to skip CPAC and attend a Tea Party event. This has caused some to question Governor Palin’s motivations. How dare she attend an event associated with the fledgling and, consequently, less organized Tea Party movement in Nashville […]

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