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The New Yorker "outs" Bert and Ernie


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John Hayward: Palin Addresses Her Union Brothers and Sisters

"Who does a better job of speaking for the working class?"

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Human Events: The Sarah Palin Revolution Will Be Commercialized

"Purchasing makes your choice public and very personal."

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John Hayward: We Are The Undefeated

"Why Sarah Palin should run."

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Tony Lee: ‘The Undefeated': a Southern, Exurban, and American State of Mind

And that is the message that “The Undefeated” delivers, which non-Palinistas, liberals, independents, and conservatives can all embrace.

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Tony Lee: Sarah Palin: The Great CommuniTweeter

If Palin decides to run for president and succeeds, she will have done so because she is the “Great CommuniTweeter.”

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Tony Lee: Barack Obama vs. Sarah Palin

Bold colors, not pale pastels.

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John Hayward: The Paul Revere Trap

Rat trap

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John Hayward: Sarah Palin and the Vanishing Sphere

Both stakeholders in re-distributionist schemes, those riding in the wagon (as opposed to those pulling it) and their benefactors in the public sector workforce, see it in their self-interest to perpetuate a system that rewards wealth destruction rather than wealth creation.

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Tony Lee: Top Ten Reasons Why Sarah Palin is Running For President

And while conventional wisdom among the chattering class continues to lean against Palin mounting a presidential run, Palin has been courting the conservative base while not alienating swing voters in swing states such as Ohio, Colorado, and Florida better than any potential GOP contender.

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Jedediah Bila: Here’s What YOU Need to Be Our Next GOP President

At the end of the day, an ideal GOP presidential candidate must inspire confidence by articulating his/her accomplishments, strengths, and positive vision for America, while clearly and concisely exposing our President’s false claims.

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Setting the Palin Record Straight

So, to the media and conservative “elite”—challenge her policy if you wish.  I’m sure she’d gladly accept that debate.  Ask questions about her record.  My guess is she’d welcome those and be happy to answer them.  But when it comes to silly, baseless labels—haven’t you embarrassed yourselves enough already?

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Jedediah Bila | Why Sarah Palin Drives Them Wild

Palin’s work ethic, record of achievement, and commitment to principle inspire many ambitious Americans. Because they get that she’s not a superhero, but a hard worker. And if she can do it, so can they.

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John Hayward: Top 5 Absurd Responses To The Palin Video; UPDATED

"You can see a teleprompter reflected in Palin’s glasses during the video"

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John Hayward: Palin And The Ryan Roadmap; UPDATED

John Hayward, the artist formerly known as Dr. Zero, has penned a great article in Human Events. In his piece, Hayward analyzes Governor Palin’s brilliant op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal as well as her principled opposition to the recommendations put forward by Obama’s deficit commission. Excerpts follow: Writing for the Wall Street Journal today, Sarah Palin unfurls the fiscal […]

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The Left Breaks upon the Rock of Palin

John Hayward at Human Events (aka Dr. Zero at Hot Air) has an excellent piece today about the hatred and unhinged nature of the Left regarding anything Governor Palin involves herself in. With his usual eloquence, Hayward highlights the Left’s reaction to the word, "refudiate", and Governor Palin’s reference to the year 1773 in a […]

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On The Wave, The Palin Effect, and Implications For 2010; UPDATED: Pelosi Running For Minority Leader

Two excellent articles appear in Human Events. The first, which appeared yesterday, is by John Hayward. John’s name is not familiar to us, but we’ve been enjoying his brilliant writing and passionate support of Governor Palin for quite some time. He is, in fact, the artist formerly known as Doctor Zero. In yesterday’s piece, he […]

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