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John Hawkins: The 7 Most Despicable Ways Liberals Have Attacked Sarah Palin


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John Hawkins: The 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes Of 2012

27) They want to put y’all back in chains! — Joe Biden

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Let Sarah Speak! Do Your Part To Help Sarah Palin Get A Speaking Slot At The Republican Convention

Support Governor Palin!


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John Hawkins: 7 Reasons Why Mitt Romney’s Electability Is A Myth; Update: Mitt Claims RomneyCare’s Mandates are "Fundamentally a Conservative Principle"; Update II: Tina Korbe on Mitt’s Latest Nonsense

"You can’t fall in love with a weathervane."

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John Hawkins: The Wacky Palin Hillbilly Clan Strikes Again!

Oh wait…

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Governor Palin MVP of 2010 Mid-Term Election

So says John Hawkins of Right Wing News, who polled right of center bloggers following last weeks electoral earthquake: Right Wing News polled more than 250 right-of-center bloggers on election 2010 and the aftermath. 70 bloggers responded (This one time, the respondents ARE NOT going to be listed. Expect them to be listed as per […]

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