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Kevin DuJan: Governor Sarah Palin exposes “former neighbor” Joe McGinniss as a liar again

"What an absolute piece of garbage Joe McGinniss is."

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Hillbuzz: More Clues Palin is Running From Her Post-Debate Interview

Talking like a candidate, not a commentator.

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Hillbuzz: 10 Clues Governor Palin is Running for President

"The Governor is a shrewd, creative, and fun-loving woman who knows how to drive the media bonkers and make the Cocktail Party permanent political class positively apoplectic."

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They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #7 Kevin DuJan

"Governor Palin is the best hope our nation has … and I hope you will join us here at Hillbuzz in doing everything we can think of to support her."

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