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The Manicured Hands of D.C. and the Calloused Hands of the Forgotten Man

The manicured hands of Washington craft out-of-touch, unproductive policies, but the calloused hands of the forgotten man are what make America exceptional and give her promise

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Team Obama: C’mon, raising the minimum wage 40% won’t reduce employment; Updated

The new math.

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Obama: ObamaCare’s a disaster, so let’s change the subject and raise the minimum wage


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Obama: With the teen unemployment rate at 23.4%, now’s a great time to raise the minumum wage and index it to inflation

And Mitt Romney agrees with me.

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Gene’s Nickle: Minimum Wage

  Guest Submission by Gene Brown   I was standing in a pecan orchard, an inadequate stand-in for my convalescing brother-in-law, shepherding the crop from the field to an eventual semi.  A young man walked up and informed me that he wanted to take a test at a local community college, and asked permission to […]

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Thomas Sowell Takes Mitt Romney to School Over His Minimum Wage Foolishness

"It’s not rocket science."

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Romney’s Support of Minimum Wage Indexation Provides Political Cover to the Left; Updated

Mitt let’s another liberal genie out of the bottle.

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Mitt Romney: Who’s Up For Annual Minimum Wage Increases?; Updated: Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Milton Friedman Weigh In

Which liberal pet cause will Mitt endorse next?

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Obama Picks New Chief Economic Advisor, Don’t Expect Much Change; Updated: Washington Examiner Concurs

More of the same.

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