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Welcome to Conservatives4Palin – What We Are All About

We are a well-informed, diverse community of Palin supporters and political participants. We have a multi-faceted path forward.

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Forbes Reporter Talks to O4P’s Karen Allen And Other Palin Supporters About Rebranding for the Future

The grizzlies are still roaring …

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Keep Your Courage, C4Peeps

Would the woman rocking these boots sit on the sidelines?! Hells no!

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Organize4Palin: Laying the Foundation in IA and Nationwide

With respect to Organize4Palin both in Iowa and nationally, we have never been stronger.

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Organize4Palin in Word, Action, and Giving: Please Help

In the next few weeks, we will be reaching out even more in the early states and ramping up efforts across the country. We hope you can join us in any way possible.

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O4P–Boots on the Ground at the Tea Party Express Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire

Patty Robb of Manchester was among the many rally attendees who gave her contact information to the Organize4Palin volunteers, and said that she and her extended family would “definitely” vote for Palin if she were to enter the race.

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O4P–Boots on the Ground at the Restoring America Rally in Indianola, Iowa

There is a wave of grassroots energy and enthusiasm no other GOP candidate enjoys – perhaps that is due to the fact Palin has a message that resonates with real people and not a carefully manufactured script meant to placate and celebrate politics as usual.

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O4P-CA: Boots On the Ground in Iowa

Lots of swag.

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Real Hope for Real Change: Students4Palin’s Reflections on Iowa and New Hampshire

The MSM would have you continue to think that the youth America resides firmly in President Obama’s back-pocket–that we are trophies to be paraded out at his will. Don’t let them fool you! The students we met both in Iowa and in New Hampshire were no one’s pawns. They were informed and fired up–ready to take it to the MSM and the establishment.

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Polls This Far Out – Prognostication or Discombobulation?

But a few days ago Pollinsider provided a refreshing dash of ice cold water to dissipate the heat generated by the Bachmann/Perry feeding frenzy and the speculation about Governor Palin.

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SarahPAC: Setting The Record Straight – Wrong & Misleading

Any professional pundit claiming to have "inside information" regarding Governor Palin’s personal decision is not only wrong but their comments are specifically intended to mislead the American public.

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Update II on Early States Fundraiser/Walking the Early States Path to the Nomination

We are profoundly grateful for the commitment, hard work, and insight of the C4P and O4P community who are working across the nation to support the values and leadership of Gov. Palin.  This is truly a team effort.

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Four Reasons Why Sarah Palin Will Win

I firmly believe that Sarah Palin will run, win the nomination, and ultimately the Presidency.

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The Washington Post Needs to Do Their Research on Palin, Perry, and the Ames Straw Poll (Update – Peter Singleton Responds)

Apples to Oranges.

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An Update on the "Victory2012″ Fundraising Idea

Change of plans due to her September 3rd speech in Waukee, Iowa. If you are able to, we recommend contributing some money towards Organize4Palin’s efforts in Iowa.  Organize4Palin is continuing to lay the foundation in Iowa so that the Governor can hit the ground running when she announces.  Everyone who is working in Iowa for Organize4Palin is working on a volunteer basis and any dollar you can provide them is greatly appreciated.  You can make a donation to Iowa’s Organize4Palin here.

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Alaskans4Palin Reviews "The Undefeated"

The film accomplishes what should have been done by the McCain camp in 2008 with the announcement of Governor Palin as his Vice Presidential pick – it details her record, accomplishments, and Alaska girl guts.

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Road to Waukee: August 2nd

Labor Day weekend will arguably kick off the primary campaign for what may be the most important election in American history–an election where, if we offer a principled vision of America’s founding principles, the American people will choose between two radically different visions of who we are as a people.

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Road to Waukee: July 31st

We don’t know what the Governor will speak about on September 3, but knowing the Governor’s character and commitment to the American people and our core values and principles, she will have something to say on that day, and it will be memorable.

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Illinois Organize4Palin Speaks with Tammy Bruce

Supporting  the anti "Illinois politician" in Illinois

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C4P Exclusive: Interview With Peter Singleton on the Iowa Straw Poll

Straight from the source.

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What Happens When a Film about the Anti "Chicago Politician" Plays in Chicago; Update

Just as the cinematic story of her achievements came to Illinois, so do her political achievements themselves as well.

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O4P CA: The Undefeated Opening Day Ground Report

"Organize4Palin (O4P) CA volunteers have worked double time these last three weeks to help coordinate success for this ground breaking (game-changing?) documentary chronicling the rise and battles Sarah Palin has faced in her 20-year political career."

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Students4Palin Taking Responsibility

Early in March, I received a request often found in the Organize4Palin inbox. Dear O4P, What can I do to help? What made it unique is that it was from a grad student who saw her peers as her responsibility. She watched as they fell prey to the liberal influences and became apathetic to our […]

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Keystone State Blogger Reviews ‘The Undefeated’

The Undefeated includes super clips of Reagan challenging the establishment, going after reporters and politicians who try to falsify his record, and through it all maintaining a smile and a sense of humor.

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Media Predictably Ignore or Spin The Undefeated Successful Opening

Spin this, media!

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Boston Herald: Sarah Palin Has Serious, Die-Hard Troops on the Ground in N.H.

“I’ve been told she can’t take New Hampshire, but I think that’s cockamamie. I think she has the fight and she can do it.”

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Call to Action–Boots on the Ground and Fingers on the Keyboard

What can I do, as an ordinary barbarian or unruly peasant, to make a difference?

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O4P Blog: If We Fight, The Future is Bright

Conservatives are optimists. We believe in the American people and confidently await the day they wake up and reject this “Obamanation.”

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Let’s Help our Hawkeye Heroes: Iowa O4P!


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"The Undefeated" and the Volunteering4Palin project


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