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Tony Lee: Faux Suzi Parker Story on WaPo Got Past "Post Editor" – Update: Audio Added

"Shame on us"

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WaPo’s Suzi Parker Demoted to "Blogger" After Publishing Satirical Palin Article as Fact – Update: Gov. Palin Weighs In

"It does not speak well of the Post that they would leave the story in place without a full retraction and apology to Palin"

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Negative Stereotypes Women Perpetuate on Women: Palin Fights Back at HBO

It’s disturbing to see the amount of ink, money and effort that continues to be used in the media, perpetuating this type of distortion and stereotype against women.  Thankfully, Andrew Breitbart’s "Big" sites and other new media outlets are acting as watchdogs, calling out the negative stereotypes and squashing them.

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Suzi Parker’s Bizarre India Today Conclave Overview

I hate to tell anyone how to do their job but this article could have been interesting without all of the swipes and insulting "jokes."

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